Viegenesis is a theory on the origin of life by dualpairing. It introduces a new process of self-creation through: in general, the dualpairity of systemic instructions and vitalic materials; and in particular, the connection between *abstracts (nothing) and physicals (something). The word comes from the Latin “genesis” which means “origin” (creation, birth), and “vie” which means “capable of life by way of two of a kind, coupled in use.”

This new theory on the origin of the universe proposes that the primeval dualpairs of nothing and something are the dualistic slices that created the universe. These slices, the plane of something and the plane of nothing, emerge together equally as parts of a whole which in turn become the whole in each plane. The presence of something, which I name physicals, is the material plane where physical objects have evolved. The absence of nothing, which I call abstracts, is the immaterial plane where abstract objects have evolved. The dualpairing of physicals and abstracts spontaneously self-emerges into instructions and materials. This dualpairing of Instruction and Material gave birth to the creation and evolution of everything and everyone.

In the beginning, there were only two entities that exist — space (abstracts) and shape (physicals). The homogenous space-shape entity eventually evolved into a heterogeneous substance of material named WavMon and immaterial unit called Wylzan. The dualpairing of Wavmon and Wylzan sparked the Evolution of Creation.the universe was made up of two dimensions: the material world called primesclisian (meaning the first slice) and the immaterial world called nalwsclisian (meaning the alter slice). Before the birth of this isodimensional (meaning equal planes) universe

The condition of the dualpair, at the very beginning of its motionless or static existence, could have been a transformational event that I can speculate to be a moment of physical-chemical cause-effect action-reaction interaction. This means the dualpair could have effectively interacted together chemically and mechanically due to the varying compositions of masses over their volumetric contents which at a certain point eventually executed the very first lawsinic instruction: (to) Move. This single valuable moment created the phenomenon of movement — the wavmon wiggles.

From the movement of nothing and something, various parameters were born dramatically. One of these parameters was — emptyspace. Inside the emptyspace, when the wavmon drifted towards the circumferential membrane touching the perimeter wall and bouncing back in the opposite direction as it spewed energy, the phenomena of vibration was created. When the wavmon bounced away from the internal wall, the amount of material of the wavmon was now lesser than its original mass. The small amount of mass that was lost has been converted to energy which was spewed out externally all over outside the emptyspace forming wavelettes. The waves vibrations forced the wavmon to drift again towards the emptyspace wall and the event went on and on until the total mass was transformed to energial space. This phenomena is called the Genesis Paradox.

Meanwhile, the same transformation and conservation were also happening simultaneously inside the emptyspace. The event also went on and on until the total energial space was transformed to mass. Over time, new parameters, new elements and new information have evolved. Pressure, temperature, work, force, distance, time, speed, gravity, light and all forms of systemic instructions and vitalic materials have evolved to form the early universe. The material wavmon called mass-wave and the immaterial wavmon called force-energy became more complex through the process of creation and evolution. In the material world, the masswave was more dominant than the energyforce. In contrast, in the immaterial world, the energyforce was more dominant than masswave. In this two-dimensional structure, categorized as the second generation of biophysies, wavmon began to divide and regrouped to form new kind of entities called particles.

The Particles Evolution:

In the primesclisian world, particles that belong to mass are called monicles. They are the building blocks of the physical material called matter. Particles that are made up of forces are called wavicles. They are the building blocks of the abstract material called energy. Monicles and wavicles are the dualpair that produce the Family of Particles. Wavicles are the alterpair of monicles. These third generation particles are structured in a reciprocating tri-dimensional system. To exist in the physical world, the dualpair must work together as a team, as a family, as a system. The monicles then transform, regroup and progress into protons, neutrons, electrons, gravitons, magnetrons, photons to name a few. The wavicles likewise into protavs, neutravs, electravs, gravitavs, magnetravs, and photavs as their alter-pairs. All these particles always contain the dualpairs of force energy and mass wave.

When monicles and wavicles coexist working together as partners, they produce various atomic particles. These cosmic particles group, regroup, and transform into matter and “energy”. Matter becomes a system and energy becomes the other system. Matter creates the family of visible materials; while Energy creates the spectrum of invisible materials.

Particle has its own identical frequency just like the distinct density of a particular object. This frequency can trigger ones individuality to be in controlled or be controlled. This means that matter can dominate energy or energy can overshadow matter. This is the Law of Transcendent. We see light and not the photons because light energy dominates the material photons. We feel gravity and see no gravitons because gravitational energy dominates the material gravitons. We see the physical matters that surround us and see no immaterial energy because the physical matter dominates the immaterial energy. The physical matter of a solid ball can be sensed because mass is in control, but when you throw this same ball at a speed of light, it will be converted to energy. Energy is now in the dominant mode. Energy is in control.

Meanwhile, since particles have evolved in the plane of something; obviously, particles have also evolved in the plane of nothing. These particles are called antiparticles. They are classified as anti-wavicles and anti-monicles. The alterpair of a monicle is a wavicle, and its antipair is an antimonicle whose alterpair is an antiwavicle. All of these particles, like particles in the primescliscian universe, have procreated and gave birth to the the nawlsclisian world. The two particles in the primescliscian plane and the two antiparticles in the nawlsclisian plane are the four particles diametrically named dualpair. These dualpairs of something and nothing are the building blocks that gave birth to the universe we all know today (Lawsin 1988).

The GOD Theory:

From the particle evolution or chemical evolution, another level of evolution came into the picture which I called The GOD Theory or the *Grand Organisms Dispersion Theory (Lawsin 1988). The theory proposes that species did not come from one descent but from multiple ancestors. Through the process of chemical evolution from where atoms become elements to simple molecules spontaneously polymerize into macromolecules and eventually in a given long periods of time, Cells evolved – millions and billions of different cells floating dispersely all over the ocean worldwide, and over time, through the process of mutation, in form of radiation or reproduction, created various families of species.

( A complete discussion on this topic can be found in the book Evolution of Creation or in the partial book manuscript on Originemology posted online).

Every dualpair always follows the same natural laws of creation known as the ‘Laws of Systematic Instructions’, or simply called Creation by Laws. Like a computer program, it is a list of procedures that spontaneously emerge and collectively merge to aid the natural process of creation.  It is a concerted list of well-defined universal instructions that dictate the natural creation of both living and non-living things to evolve and propagate. The following seven systematic instructions were inductively conceptualized from the dualpairings nature and men have created; and from my isodimensional morphical models.

The Seven General Laws in Creation are:

  • Law of Reciprocating Duality – a pair always coexists with an alter-pair. Each pair belongs to the same group, family or system. (Apairation).
  • Law of Paired Attraction – dualpairs are attracted to each other bringing together their acquired experiences and personal characteristics. They create new groups and regroup to create new systems with new varieties of bits and pieces. (Reorganization).
  • Law of Symmetrical Inversion– dualpairs are configured in parallel and inversely paired in an enclosed arrangement described in the Law of Pericorpus. The law states that objects are always in enclosures or boundaries. (Coexistence).
  • Law of Continuous Transformation – dualpairs transform from microscopic to macroscopic, from single to multiple or from simple to more complex specialization to allow the essential process of life to continue. (Transformation).
  • Law of Exponential Procreation – dualpairs exponentially progress in a helixal-lateral expansion and create new groups of living systems. (Expansion).
  • Law of Effectual Selection – some dualpairs become dormant and other dualpairs become effective and efficient. The latter always survive and progress with balanced life from generations to generations. (Selection).
  • Law of Qualified Transcendence – dualpairs even though created equal, submit each self to one another to take control and be controlled. (Empowerment).

“The universe evolved from nothing and something; and has most of this elemental dualpair until now.” ~ Joey Lawsin


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