A Message to Humanity

Are there other ways we can organize humanity; where life can be pleasurably enjoyed to its fullest, where every needs of every individual can be easily acquired for free, and where the basic necessities of life food, water, health, happiness can be sustainably maintained, safely secured, and constantly provided?

We humans borrowed and copied our ideas from antiquity. Ideas predated back from the stone age, the ancient era, and the middle periods. The buy and sell, the conquer and rule, the torture and execution, you work I pay, and the other various social practices we copied from the past are still being utilized to these modern days. Wars, slavery, genocides, apartheid, and atrocities are super old ideas which are still being passed on from generation to generation. We know they are barbaric. They victimized Innocent children. They victimize unsuspecting civilians. They victimize people – us. They must END them NOW!

We call ourselves Intellectually Smart, Sophistically Modern and Technologically Advanced but NO one foresees that the basic needs of every man: food, water and our habitat mother earth are slowly contaminated and falling slowly apart. NO one takes care of them. NO one thinks that earth is so old that it needs to be at least maintained. NO one foresees that human civilization is gradually deteriorating to its end.

The Sumerians, the Egyptian dynasty, the Indus Valley, the Babylonian empire, the Roman empire, the Ming Dynasty, the Russian empire and the declining American empire, all of these cultures borrowed and copied ideas from their past. Most of these empires, bound by their diverse political, cultural, geographical and social powers, once stood up and now disappeared without a trace. The social practices of their government, which were acquired again from the past, brought them down to extinction. If humans will still cling to the same social ideas of classical antiquity, modern humans will again face the same path of extinction. However, I believe extinction could still be stopped. There are other ways. There are other solutions. I’ve invented one. They are engraved and envisioned in a social system known as Project Greensphere.

1. “Life is 10% Work and 90% Merriment”. What if every man and woman in the world works mainly in The Farm. This Farm is made up of the vegetable farm, the fish farm, the drinking water farm, the livestock farm, the fruit farm, the mineral farm, the energy farm. The Farm is managed by the people for the people. It is set-up exactly in every country with the same farm-structure like everyone else in the world. Every citizen in the world works on the same farms 3 days every week. Some of them cultivate the land for plantations. They sit comfortably inside some highly computerized farm machines that prepare the crops. Some hall tons of fish or other sea products by casting mechanical nets guided by global positioning systems. Others simply push mechanical buttons that automatically manufacture and produce goods and commodities. The rest manages the productions, distributions and consumption of all goods and services needed by every single individual in the globe. All these tasks are performed only 3 days in a week and the remaining 4 days are all for pleasures and personal passion.

2. Selling and Money are things of the past. We know that humans are the only species that run their lives with money. They wage wars, destroy each other, and ruin their environnment  just for the sake of money. They work eight hours like slaves for money. They spend too much time at work and little time for themselves and families. They must remember they come into this world as free beings, thus they must live life free as well. In lieu with the money system, they may substitute it with a “point system”. Points are acquired by working in the Farms. They can be collected through a chip embedded in a bracelet or a pocket size card. A chip with a minimum of 240 points is equivalent to a 4 hours of work. This minimum ensures you a meal all week, pays your expenses and takes you anywhere around the globe. Points are your ticket or gateway that take you any place around the world.

3. Everything is free. Since everyone shares a portion of his/her time equally working in the farms, everyone receives everything equally for free. Adults over 50 years old, special individuals and kids under 15 years of age also receive everything for free eventhough they dont work in the farms. They are special people on their own rights. Goods, services, travels and pleasures are delivered to these oldies, abecedarians and kiddies anytime without restrictions. Their day to day needs are provided continuously for free until they live earth. Just like them, your day to day needs always tag with you anywhere you go around the globe. Your house, your job, your food and anything you need in life always come along with you wherever you are in the world. You dont worry about them whether you’re spending the remaining days of your week under the sunset of the Bahamas today, or having a fine dining in the shore of Italy tomorrow, or cruising along the islands of Indonesia the following day. Whatever youre doing, everything you need comes along with you. The world is your playground. A place of fun and freedom. A place of pleasure and passion. A place where everyone shares his her knowledge, skills and services for the betterment of the world for Free.

4. People helping people. Manufacturing establishments, shopping malls, recreational centers, hospitals, schools, high rise condominiums, roads, bridges and all other communal necessities are built by the people for the people. Banks, courts, police stations and jail houses are now gone. They are things of the past. The productions, distributions, and consumption of goods are no longer run by the capitalist corporations. They are managed now by the people. People share their knowledge, skills, and services through special expertise groups to learn, invent and create something for the people and the communities. These sharegroups are all over the place. Some might be stationed somewhere in Japan or situated in Europe or organized in a small town in China. Although these sharegroups are thousand miles apart, anyone can interact with them anytime today or tomorrow or the next day through collective information sharing. Members become innovators, inventors, thinkers, philosophers because they come together with same passions, common interests and ideas. They collectively work together with one common goal: for the betterment of the human race while exploring the universe in the fastest shortest time.

5. Worldwide Satellite Communities. Every country, state and city around the world are identically setup with the same blueprint of a satellite community. A network of transportations, called Superstations, is the main backbone that connects all these communities together. These superstations are strategically located all over the world for easy accessibility. Every substation houses hundreds of thousands of superconductive electromagnetic trains. These networks of transportations ferry billions of commuters all over the world continuously 24/7. Intelligent condominiums, which are all pre-fabricated and built by the people for the people, are located half mile away from every substation. These glass tinted solar powered buildings are accessible by compact electrical cars, aerodynamically bikes, automatic walkways, and the traditional way of commuting – walking. Every satellite community is a tourist destination; a haven of passion and pleasure.

6. Things of the Past. Teachers, doctors, and soldiers take new roles in this new society. Soldiers serve mankind from natural catastrophic events. No more wars. Medical care providers are mandated to equally serve patients of colors – black, white, brown, red, yellow, pink, and green – without bias or prejudice. No more discrimination. Accountants, attorneys, managers, law enforcers, criminals, homeless, and prostitutes are no longer considered as occupations. No more crimes. Wars, Inequalities,and Crimes are all now declared as things of the past.

The Information from Antiquity, specially the Crimes of Humanity, must be put to rest. Humans need to change. We need to change our old mindsets with fresh unconventional ideas. We need to change what we learned, borrowed and copied from the ancient past with new dispositions and ultramodern intelligence. As One —

NO MORE to the buying and selling system: — the primitive type of barter method we learned, borrowed, and copied from antiquity. We must change our ways of acquiring our basic needs. We need to work together as people for the people and not be influenced by the power of money. Money is a social illusion. It destroys moral values and unity. It hinders progress. It kills freedom. It kills happiness.

NO MORE to the political system: — we don’t need a government that will run our lives. Everything must be equally divided. We no longer need rules that control our social affairs. When everyone is happy and fulfilled, when everyone enjoys his or her personal passion in life, politics is no longer a necessity. Politics is a thing of the past.

NO MORE to the transportation system: — Let us build a solar-powered superstation train systems that are interconnected not only nationwide, but worldwide. These trains can take us back and forth from place to place, from state to state, from country to country, from one end to the other end of the world. Let us stop manufacturing cars that destroy our environment. Let’s Go Solar. Let’s Go Green. Let’s protect Mother Earth.

NO MORE to a flawed educational system: – there is a better way to learn without spending even a single dime. Everyone deserves a fair, equal opportunity to education with or without money. This educational system is administered by the students. The students are the teachers and the teachers are the students. Everyone shares his/her interests or skills with a group of people who shares the same passion, hobbies or other fields of interest. In the end, everyone becomes an expert or master of his passions, interests or skills. With this sharing system, the advancement of our civilization and the conquest of the universe will then be tenfold faster and shorter. This collective intellectual sharing is the key that will take humanity to the backdoor of  every galaxy in the cosmos and every fabric of space in the shortest period of time. Beam me up Scotty!

NO MORE to the workplace system owned by the capitalist: — We must no longer be enslaved by power, greed and corruption by the few. We must work less and spend more time with our children, our families and our sharegroups who have the same passions, skills and interests as ours. No one owns us. We come to this world Free. We must live Free.

If everyone would just simply think deeply, listen consciously, pay attention with open mind, be kind and compassionate with each other, and set aside individual differences and belief systems, I believe humanity would still have one more chance to come together for its betterment and live life to its fullest for free.

There is a simple solution. Mankind has them already. We just need to reorganize.

Save ourselves. Organize Mankind. Save Mother Earth.

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