Evolution of Creation

God did not create creation; Creation created God.

In my first book entitled Creation by Laws, I implicitly proposed a fundamental concept of an unknown theory known as Dualpairing. It is the first general instruction of creation that matches up two entities called dualpair. Man and woman, white and black, A and Z, North and South, positive and negative, zero and one, up and down, roots and branches, crest and trough, right and left, high and low, yes and no, something and nothing, matter and energy are some examples of these dualpairs.

After presenting these examples to the public, I found out statistically that most of my readers— students, teachers, parents, atheists, theologians and scientists—believed at first that I was talking about the opposite of a thing. And when I declared that all things are paired, tenfold of questions start to pour out such as:

If the partner of man is a woman, what is the alterpair of a bacterium?
If roots are to branches, what about the alterpairs of leaves, flowers, bark, heartwood, sapwood, sap, and everything else that goes into making up a plant?
What is the alterpair of whiptail lizard?
What is the alterpair of π ?
Why is Z the alterpair of A and not B or C?
How do you explain asexual reproduction?
What is the alterpair of siphonopores?
Why all things are dualpaired?
How to find an alterpair?
What is the formula that supports the Theory of Dualpairing?
Where is the proof that souls or spirits do not exist?
Why is God just a part of the evolution creation?

I realized, from these series of queries that humans tend to be biased against ideas that are new to them and simply cling to old ideas. People always believe in the norms accepted by the many, the standards established by our society, the belief systems outgrown by individuals and the status projected by the so called experts, without questions. What fascinates me most from their feedbacks is the false notion that humans and animals cannot propagate ever without sex. This wrong impression and the questions identified by my readers in my first publication, which by the way was experimental in context, will be thoroughly explained in this edition. The “Aha” moment or flash of revelation I had experienced as I was conceptualizing Creation by Laws will also be shared as you go through every page of this book.

Evolution of Creation will prove that “God” is not the creator of everything. This misconception about creation by a divine being, and other evolutionary theories, which always fall in the same pit that a single organism, a single particle or single species gave birth to the entire universe will be straighten up in Chapter 3 of this book . This chapter will also reveal how the natural dualpairing of Materials and Instructions created the universe.

Chapter 2 will demonstrate a remarkable logical approach that suggests ape could evolve to man or a more controversial case from mud (non-living) to man (living things) without actually presenting any fossilized transitional “missing link” at all. Chapter 6 will provide some astonishing out-of-body experiences that I have encountered in life. These personal encounters, including various testimonials from people who participated in the scientific studies on astral projection, will offer proofs that souls or spirits don’t exist. This chapter will also discuss the dual pairing of something and nothing that places God as part of the evolution of creation. Chapter 4 will introduce the evolution of numbers, formulas and dimensions. This section will also unfold the solution in deriving the formula behind the Theory of Dualpairing. And, Chapter 1 will explore and expose some popular evolutionary theories about how the universe was created based on the principles of divine creation, biological evolution and natural interventions.

In Chapter 5, the origin of life by dualpairing will be explained in details. Viegenesis, which is a discipline that studies the process of creation by the dualpair of spontaneous instructions and vitalic materials, will be the highlight of this chapter. Time, which is but another form of force-energy that flows minute by minute, frame by frame in any system, will be addressed too.

I have an outmost obsession finding the answers to how the universe came into existence. What is the basic unit, the fingerprint of life, which makes up us and all the things that surround us? Where did we come from? What is the purpose of our existence? The more time I spent looking for answers, the more questions come into my mind. These uncertainties are the inspirations that push me to believe that somewhere, somehow, there is a single natural code or a basic pattern that is just waiting to be discovered. Luckily, I FOUND THEM. And this masterwork will change everything you believe.

“Christnism attributes all creation to god’s intelligent design.
Darwinism attributes all creation to naturalistic evolutionary design.
Lawsinism attributes all creation to instructions and material design.”
by ~ J.Lawsin

“The Duality of One is the Unity of two .” ~ Joey Lawsin


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