Evidence of a Creator

The following arguments were raised to me during an interview by an avid believer of god.

(Q)uestion : … If we find design in the universe …we naturally expect a designer …

(A)nswer :  …. This is an error in thinking.

It is not always true that if we find design in the universe…we naturally expect a designer in a form of a being or divine being.

In the book Creation by Law, the Evolution of Instruction was the designer that formed the Intelligence of Creation. The universe was created by a set of instructions which was created by the universe itself. [Viegenesis]

What about if I tell you that YOU created the universe, will you believe me?

Before I give you the answers, let me first discuss some important topics here.

Q:  …. Creation demands a Creator ….

A:  …. Although the bible speaks of creation by a divine being, it doesn’t mean that creation always needs a “human” creator. Creation could be designed by the vibration pointed out in string theory, the chemical elements in the big bang, or it could be a set of developing instructions proposed by the Theory of Viegenesis.

In order to create something, there are two important factors that must be present. First, there must be a designer, … but remember not a life-form, ….  and second, there must be building  materials.

A  painter needs paints to come up with a portrait  …. a mechanic needs parts to assemble a car …. the universe needs matter to form the universe …  In  the first two examples, we see that someone must exist before something is made. However, in the last example, we see that something must exist before something is created. 

That something could be chemical elements, space strings, vibrations or set of natural procedures.

Q: ….Science agrees with the Bible that the universe has not always existed………

A: It could be since it has to undergo the process of creation and evolution like with all other things.

Q: ……But how then did the universe arise?………

A: Through the process of creation, by evolution of creation.

Q: ……Did it come from nothing?………

A: In viegenesis views, the universe started from something and nothing –  a dualpair.

Q: …..Scientific truth is valuable…but limited………Science can describe the “how” of nature to a certain extent………But it cannot answer the deeper philosophical questions…such as “why the universe”?…

A: There are many reasons: one is the cause and effect principle; or two, because of the principles behind the theory of viegenesis.

Q: …..and ‘what is the purpose of human beings?”……..

A: Since, we live in a mechanical universe and mechanical life, like the gears and springs in a mechanical clock working together with individual roles to do a common purpose, human beings are like gears and rods on this universal clock. Everything and everyone are parts and parcels of  “The Great Shape” (the Law of Pericorpus, Lawsin 2000).

Q: …..The Bible does answer those questions………Science can demonstrate that the universe began…but by itself it cannot reveal what…or Who…caused that beginning………

What caused the beginning …..it was the dualpairing of something and nothing.

Who caused the beginning …. It is the Law of systemic instructions or simply the Evolutionary Laws or The Laws.

Q: ….Life demands a life giver……….

A: This is correct but this does not mean that the life giver is again a divine being. In viegenesis view, force energy is the life giver that animates matter. In vibragenesis view, a vibrating source is the life giver that gives life to matter and energy.

Q: …..Scientists have tried in vain to create life from non-life…or even from “soups”* of laboratory chemicals………They have utterly failed…….. The law of biogenesis states that life can only come from life……….. As true science recognizes…life can only come from life………. The Bible explains that life originally came from the life giver………God gave physical life to human beings and many other life forms……..

A: It is true that life begets life. And this simple principle tells us that natural non-living things have life too. In fairness, scientists could not achieve this transformation because there are living chemicals or as I called them vitalic materials that are not yet discovered by man. Scientists started with a wrong foot when they proposed the big bang theory.

Q: …*Laws demand a lawgiver……..

A: This is correct but the Laws could also evolve side by side through the evolutionary process of creation. So the law itself is created one at a time through accidental discovery from its surroundings or environment. (Read the Theory of Environs and the Think Factor).

Q: …..Science discovered that our physical universe appeared from nothing………

A: A false notion as how I believe it. The universe itself has tremendous evidence that shows universally that something (matter) and nothing (energy) must coexist in order to exist. (Codexation Dilemma). By the way, nothing here means that atom is 99% space and 1% matter. So it seems that an atom is almost nothing.

Q: ……But how did this happen?………Science cannot explain the origin of the universe…but there must be an answer………

A: Evolution of Creation. The Law of Viegenesis, The Law of Dualparing. The Law of Pericorpus. The Law of Codexation. The theory of Instructions and Materials.

These laws are neither scientific nor biblical, they are just in front of our eyes. They are universally or generally in existence on everything. You see these laws individually functioning in plants, in animals, and the whole universe.

Q: ….Contrary to what some believe…the Bible’s simple answer is consistent with true science……….. The Bible does not tell us when this original creation occurred…only that there was a beginning of time…and a beginning of the universe………

A: I know this is very important to both science and religion. But in my humble opinion, I see all these evidences all around me, so I believe that there was a time that even time did not exist at all? But science someday in the near future will find an answer. The mere fact that I see a drop of water on my desk already suggest that it came from something . It has a beginning or origin.

Q: …..Science and the Bible agree that the universe began…and that it immediately operated according to predictable natural laws………When the universe came into existence…all the laws of physics and chemistry were intact…they did not evolve………

A: This concept is totally false based on viegenesis. In the first place laws are not unpredictable or erratic. Laws are always in order and all these systemic laws did not come as a package. They gradually evolved just like all other things.

Q: …..Albert Einstein was amazed at the intelligence he saw in natural law………He called human intelligence…compared to that superior intelligence revealed in natural law…“an utterly insignificant reflection“…………That far superior intelligence behind the laws of the universe is the God who created the universe….the great Lawgiver………

A: Human intelligence if it really exists is just a part of the Natural intelligence which is again a part of a bigger intelligence I called The Law. Now please do not confuse yourself that these laws are like written laws.  A single law is like a switch that turns on and off a system (laws in system, creation by laws).

Q: ….*Design demands a designer………

A: If this statement is analogous to a chair and chairmaker, then the Law of codexation will not permit an abstract design by a physical designer without resorting to the material world. And if in case the designer is imaginary then the design will also be imaginary because Abstracts begets abstracts; physicals begets physicals ( the Zizo effect).

Q: ….Not only do we find predictable physical laws throughout the universe…we find tremendous evidence of intelligent design………The human body…for example…shows insurmountable evidence of design………Consider the human eye………Even Darwin admitted that “complex organs’ such as the eye would be difficult to explain in terms of the gradual stepwise process outlined by his theory……….

A: As I said all these complexities started from simplicity, everything evolved from a single step, then another step, then another step until a point where an organism becomes a complex entity. But if you dissect this complex entity backwards in slow motion frame by frame you will see that it is simply one law at a time (Law of Originemology).

Q: ….Many may choose to ignore evidence of design behind the laws that govern the universe…and behind the universe itself…but in the face of so much evidence it takes greater faith to believe in a godless universe than to follow the evidence to its logical conclusion…the evidence of a Creator God who set in place His laws for a purpose………

A: You are correct there are tremendous overwhelming evidence, but sometimes our eyes and senses are focused in the wrong direction.

Q: …..Human beings have experimented…and continue to experiment…with man made institutions of education…science…government…business…and entertainment……..And what progress have we made?………

A: None, because of the system we inherited from the past (Organizing humanity).

Q: …..Have we brought about world peace?……….

A: Nope, because again of the old systems we inherited from the past. Harmony, and not peace, is the key element that will unite all nations together. In science we can’t prove peace, but we can prove what harmony is.

Q: ….The way of man brings about death……..But there is a way of life that works……..That way is revealed in the Bible………The Bible challenges us to live the way of life…not the way of death………God’s way of life produces abundant living and true peace…not death and destruction……… May the great Creator of the universe…and His Son Jesus Christ…help all prove His existence…and to find the true way of life………..

A: If there is a way of life that works then we should have already experienced harmony among us. I would not be seeing anymore people who are poor, who look for shelters when in time of typhoon, who need food when they are hungry, or innocent children suffering from diseases, hunger and even unwanted death. What more are the old and the sick who are abandoned by their families and isolated in care homes waiting only for their death. All these people are humans. They are like you and me. They have the right to live and enjoy life to its fullest.

Mankind should Wake up Now!

Q: …..Is it true as you said that I, you, we actually created the universe? …

A: Yes! Let us say I have a marble – a self-producing marble. This marble produces one marble every second. After one second, I have now two marbles. After two seconds, the two marbles produce each new marble. So there are now four marbles. After three seconds, the four marbles produce each new marble. So there are now eight. And eight becomes 16 and so on and so forth. After one billion years, this self-production process shaped the universe of marbles [The Lawsinium Fallacy].

So from this example, there is no designer. The shape of the universe was formed by the individual marbles. Did the marbles design its expanding universe? Nope. They were the causes that shaped the perimeter of the universe, hence they were not the designer of the universe. And of course it was not the very first marble that designed the universe either.

Each marble is the cause why the universe of marble was created. If planet earth is one of these marbles, and you are the produce of this marble, then it is just right to say that you also shaped the universe since you have been a part of the creation process.

So this simply shows that you created the universe. I created the universe. Everyone created the universe. Everything created the whole universe because each one of us is a part of the whole [Principles of Viegenesis}.

Q: …..Significantly…then…we may ask:…was the universe designed for a purpose?………

A: If each individual is a part of the whole that shapes the universe of marbles which obviously rejects a designer, then the design has no purpose at all. The placement of matter into space created the universe without a purpose. However, if we look at evolution again the second time, the main purpose of life is to reproduce.

Q: …..The most basic explanation for the universe is that it seems to be a process orchestrated to achieve the end or goal of creating human begins and from the scientists’s viewpoint…the fact that the universe looks as though it had a definite beginning might be upsetting enough and what appears to drive cosmologists nearly to distraction is the anthropic principle’…that the earth and the universe were created for mankind…….basically stated from one of Patrick Glynn’s books……….

A: If the Biblical God exists, then maybe the universe was created for the purpose of creating human beings. But human itself is evolving creating new forms of beings called Bionics. This claim might be shocking but remember, if life begets life and human is life. Therefore it is creating another life form. It might be mechanical today, but it would be classified as alive tomorrow.

Q: …..Zoologist Richard Dawkins…espoused the idea that human beings are merely animals with no purpose in a purposeless universe………As he put it*…”the universe* we observe has…no design…no evil and no good…nothing but pointless indifference…we are machines for propagating DNA…It is every living object’s sole reason for living”…………

A: If I will analyze this statement deeper, I think Dawkins does not know his stuffs here. DNA here gives me that red flag because there are so many loopholes on dnas. The mechanics behind the building blocks of everything is actually the informatics particles – the systemic instructions.

Q: ……On ignoring evidence…even some atheists and agnostics admit that by choosing to remain ignorant…they can continue living their lives without God…denying the consequences………

A: My religious view is of an altruistic atheist. I am an independent freethinker, a rationalist, a progressive humanist, a centist (a hundred percent realist) who believes that if something  is factual then it should manifest 100% from the smallest particle up to the largest universe. If there is even a single exception on a theory then it is not universally factual.

Q: ….An English author by the name of Aldous Huxley expressed this perspective as well…”Most ignorance is vincible ignorance………We don’t know because we don’t want to know………It is our will that decides how upon what subjects we shall use our intelligence………Those who detect no meaning in the world generally do so because…for one reason or another…it suits their books that the world should be meaningless”……….

A: Ignoramus is not in my vocabulary. And obviously English is not my field of interest because it has lots of exceptions. So not a perfect subject for me. And it is true there are many of us who are ignorant because of a simple fact that we cling so hard on false teachings, wrong information and distorted beliefs. As the saying goes ” ignorance kills a cat ” or Ignorantia legis neminem excusat (Latin for “ignorance of the law excuses no one”)  

Q: ……….but I know you don’t want Scriptures but just in case you want to take a peep at it…*Roman’s 1:2021*……….

A: If you believe in God and are inspired daily by his miracles and words, then why don’t you take this challenge –  prove god without using verses from the bible  or the bible as evidence.

Q: ….In essence what is being said is…do not be like these foolish people………Examine the universe…creation and the purpose of human life…and you will find that design demands a designer……….

A: In the mind of a fool, 1 + 1 = 2. In the mind of a thinker, 1 + 1 = 10.

As I have illustrated above, it is not always true that design demands a designer.

Q: …..Science has found no reason for the many laws of physics and chemistry…and for the many precise values and relationships…to have come into existence exactly as they are………From a mathematical point of view…the odds against our universe having just the right laws to sustain life are astronomical……..

A: Science may look perfect to the eyes of the many that it sometimes underestimate God. But science is not perfect too. It always carries many loopholes. Even though science follows rigorous scientific methods it always resorts on trial and error. And principles in science only exist defending on what frames of reference they are in. This is called the relative “truth”. A book on your table look potential when you are on earth; but the same book is kinetic when you see it from the moon. Our frame of refence is dimensionally relative and illusive. However, I lean towards science than religion. Religion does not admit its mistakes, Science always admits its mistakes. (Science is pseudo-science)

Q: …….Remember…these laws were in existence at the first moment of creation………

A: That it totally wrong! A misconception! Laws evolve just like all other things evolve. Every individual create its own set of instructions that makes him – himself.(lawsinium cat)

Q: ….Scientists recognize that they had to be………As Stephen Hawking acknowledged in The Nature of Space and Time….”The only way to have scientific theory is if the laws of physics hold everywhere … including at the beginning of the universe”…….

A: I agree with his statement. You do not need to learn science or religion to know all the facts of life. They are all in front of our eyes. The only thing we need is to find them in a deeper wider perspective way of thinking. If a concept or principle holds true everywhere, everytime, then that is the absolute truth. This is where my Laws stand firm and my belief system lives.

Q: ……..So is it reasonable to assume that these laws came about from nothing?………

A: Absolutely yes. …….. It came from the dualpairing of nothing and something. The interaction between the two creates pieces of information that eventually transform to a natural procedure.

Q: ……The existence of such marvelous and predictable laws in nature points to a master intelligence and Lawgiver………Add to that evidence the existence of unseen spiritual laws…and you double the evidence of a great Lawgiver………

A: I have shown you that you do not need a lawgiver because laws are evolutionary and created bit by bit, piece by piece, one step at a time  until they become a procedure of instructions.

Q: ……The Bible reveals the origin of these laws that permeate our universe………..

A: Sorry, but you know where I stand with scriptures (riddle of god).

Q: .…..Even though science has never…not even once…created life from non-life…

A: Actually if you evaluate the evolution of man to its next level, humans are moving from life to non-life. And of course we also need to look at what you mean by life here. Check my thread here on What is Life?

Q: …..some scientists are so determined to reject the idea of a Creator God that they put aside their own scientific objectivity and stake their belief on what science has shown to be impossible………the scientific method requires observation…experimentation and human reasoning………

A: Their methods are absolutely important for a systematic approach but it does not mean that the results they have are always correct. They refine their mistakes over and over again until they get the final correct results.

Q: …..No physical experiment can prove God in a scientific sense………

A: If this God is imaginary then of course it is a make-belief.

Q: …..Science can only produce experimental results that are either consistent or inconsistent with the hypothesis of a Creator God……..Yet what happens when scientists encounter facts that are consistent with a *Creator*?………Many will dogmatically declare that there cannot be a God…ironically making a religion out of their unscientific atheism………..

A: Again, there are million of ways to approach a problem.

Q: …..Nobel Prize winning scientist George Wald’s quote:…”*The reasonable view was to believe in spontaneous generation…the only alternative…to believe in a single… primary act of supernatural creation………There is no third position………One has only to contemplate the magnitude of this task to concede that the spontaneous generation of a living organism is impossible………Yet here we are as a result………I believe…of spontaneous generation”….(*The Origin of Life…Scientific American)……

…….Amazing…a Nobel Prize winning scientist calls it “impossible” yet believes it to be true………We must not be deceived by scientific theorizing that has no basis in reality………Wald’s phrase…”spontaneous generation” may sound impressive…but however erudite such a phrase may sound…it is not scientific truth…and does not agree with true science and the real world…as true science recognizes that life can only come from life………

A: In Evolution of creation, I called spontaneous generation as the law of exponential procreation. This is the fifth general Law in Creation. There is no impossibility here since its basis is the world we live in. You do need to be a religious scientist to know this. Just look at your family tree, it is a solid proof.

Q: ……The Bible explains that life originally came from the Life-Giver………..

A: Well  everything in this world is more on coincidence that predestine. I even used this concept of coincidence as one of my many arguments in determining if a life-giver also exists out there.

My logic here goes this way. Human ears can only hear sound ranging from 20 to 20,000 hz. Below and above these ranges, our ears become useless. On the other hand, dolphins can hear and produce sounds that we can’t hear. This does not mean that because we can not hear them, sound does not exist.

If dolphins can hear them, then we must believe that their sound really exists even if we don’t hear them.

This is the same thing with our other senses. Our eyes can only perceived certain range of frequency called the visible light. But other animals can see beyond the color red (infrared) and the color violet (ultraviolet). This again shows that they have different worlds totally different from our world. Their worlds could be upside down, multiworlds, or a world that we have never imagined the possibility of its existance. Because humans have two eyes, we see this kind of world normal to humans. Spiders have eight eyes that he sees maybe multiworlds. Bees and dragonflies must have more that we can’t ever imagine that they exist. So all these creatures have worlds totally different from us, but because we do not see their worlds, this does not mean that their worlds do not exist.

It is the same with space aliens, if we live in a world we called universe, there is a great chance that space microbes or beings live in a world different from us. So there is a big chance they are somewhere out there.

Most humans always look at the face value of an object. When I say to you that your pencil on top of your table is moving you might say to me that I am crazy. But there are lots of things going on with and into the pencil. First it seems it is not moving but in reality it is moving so fast equivalent to the average orbit speed of the earth at 30 km/s. Take note it is kilometer in one second. Then, it is also moving towards the center of the earth with a gravitational acceleration of 9.8 m/s2. It is pulling the moon and the sun through gravitation and it is pushing itself away from the center of our galaxy through centripetal force. It is decaying at this moment through the combustion process, resisting friction and even pounded by 15 lbs of pressure per square inch. Its status is potential because the frame of reference is where you are sitting right now, but the same pencil is kinetic if you are sitting somewhere on the moon zeroing your telescope on the pencil.

So as you see there are so many things going on the pencil. For an ordinary mind, we simply see the pencil like a dead object nothing more nothing less, but for someone who thinks outside the box, we see that this pencil is enjoying all the attentions I mentioned. LoL.

Another perspective. Water as an example. If I see a drop of water on my desk, since I know that water begets water, then the only source that I can use as proof that water exists is to use this water as my evidence. Now I found out that water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. Now again hydrogen begets hydrogen and oxygen begets oxygen. So with the same line of thinking of begetting, these two elements must at least have one common ancestral origin. And we know that their communal origin is both are molecules. So molecules beget molecules.  And by the course of time, we now know they are made up of atoms. And this atom will be dissected and dissected until at a time we discover what all things are really made up of. An infinitesimal of begetting something with something and nothing with nothing.

So do you think we really need the first marble that shaped the whole universe of marbles but did nothing in the formation except to produce itself? I don’t think so! The mere fact that there is a drop of water on my desk; gives me the solid proof that it originated from something. But that something does not mean that it created the drop of water.  So why do I need to make assumptions where the proof is just under my nose so to speak.

Atheists contested that there is no GOD. But their opponents, who believe at least in one type of gods, claim atheist has no concrete evidence that God does not exist. However these believers are wrong. The existence of a CREATOR is not necessary for creation to create. The following set of Laws is the creator that shaped everything and everyone.

These LAWS are all solid, concrete, universally factual, one hundred percent true and easily detected by our senses. These Universal Natural Laws are the foundations that support the Theory on Evolution of Creation and serve as factual proof that disprove the existence of the biblical god.

1. THe INtelligence Konstant – The Law of Intelligence

2. The Lawsinium’s Cat – The Law of Environs

3. Viegenesis – The Law of Coexistence

4. Pericorpus – The Law of Boundary

5. Codexation – The Law of Translation

6. Dualpairing – The Law of Balance

7. Creation – The Law of Evolution

8. Family – The Law of Systems

I.  The Intelligence Konstant

When a baby is born, it is obvious the child has no knowledge of himself and his environment. He does not even know that he exists at all. However, when he hears sounds, touches his mittens, smells scents, tastes his first milk and recognizes shapes, he becomes aware of his environment. He learns that the outside world provides him all his personal needs. He begins to associate crying to get the attentions of everyone.

The experiences of sensations do not register yet as information in a child’s brain. Nevertheless, when a particular sensation is associated with a physical form by labeling or tagging, the sensation becomes information. Crying is a label that is associated to “I am hungry, I want milk!”, or “My undies are full, mom”. It is also through this label that parents are clued-up of what their child’s needs and not of what is in their child’s mind.

However, somewhere along the way, the first word “mama” becomes the child’s physical label for mother. This word is altogether associated to the taste, touch, smell, shape and sounds acquired from the mother. The word mama becomes the first information that registers in the child’s mind. This information becomes knowledge. When knowledge grows, intelligence follows next.

Intelligence is acquired in two ways:
(1) we learn things from our environment; or
(2) we learn things from discovery.

Just like in our example, the child learns the word mama from his mother who is part of his surroundings or environment. As he mature he acquires new information from his teachers, from books, from friends, from his senses and lessons from animals. He also learns by discovering new ideas, inventing new designs or experiencing things accidentally. In other words, information is acquired from the environment.

However, this form of acquiring intelligence takes place not only on humans but on all living and non-living things as well. Everything gains information from its environment. All natural things, from the primordial era until now, follow the same way of obtaining knowledge. This is a universal natural lawThe Intelligence Konstant or sometimes called the think factor.

II. The Lawsinium’s Cat:

Newly born animals also learn things from their environment only the hard way. My imaginary kitten Uno who is often involved in most of my thought experiments will be the center of attention in today’s study. He will be thrown into a nearby sea. From this test, the concept of instinct or inborn will be investigated and compared to a new concept of learning — inlearning.

When this cat jumps into the cold water, his first reaction will be to get out of the water as quickly as possible. The sudden rush of pain, which he is experiencing as he engulfs a large amount of water through his mouth and nose, becomes knowledge. Kittens do not have even the slightest idea about the meaning of life or in this matter even death. The idea of saving its dear life as people believe is totally false. The immediate pain of suffocation that pushes Uno to paddle out of water is accidental information – an inlearn and not an inborn experience.

Getting out the water was a lifetime instruction that was inlearned and will never be forgotten by the kitten. Saving his own life was not engraved in his genes. It was not genetically inherited. It was spontaneously experienced. It became knowledge. And this information will be stored in his brain for the rest of his life. However, when this incident happens the secont time around, his reaction of getting out of the water becomes second nature. It becomes instinct (not inborn) to the cat.

Again, this simple scenario is another example of the think constant. It is 100 percent applicable to all natural things – living and non-living things. Natural things learn from their surroundings. Genes learn from its environment. Everything learns from its environment or surroundings. This is a universal natural law – The Law of Environs or sometimes called the environmental factor.

III.  The Law of Dualpairing:

Natural things not only learn things from their environment; they also interconnect to their surroundings in order to exist and survive.

We cannot exist without the outside surroundings nor our inside surroundings. And this is also true 100% not only on humans but all things in the macro and micro worlds too. The other name for this law is the Law of Coexistence.

IV.  The Law of Codexation:

The transformation of abstract ideas to physical realities. The translation of abstracts to physicals. The conversion of the image of an apple to the being of a real apple. When we crave of an apple in our mind, this apple stays as an image. There is no way that this image becomes a real apple. There is no way that our hands can create or produce a physical apple. We need our surroundings, our environs, to have this apple physically in our hands. Images and physicalities are the dualpair that make objects to exists.

As an individual person, I do not exist. All of me is in my mind (100 train experience). But when another individual sense me, then I exist. My brain tells me that I am nothing but an image; and in order to prove that I exist I need a physical person outside of me. You could be that outside person. Your mind has an image of me, it becomes physically real because you can see and read my writings here. These writings will not exist unless someone or something wrote them.

V.  The Law of Pericorpus:

This law states that all things are enclosed with a boundary, a perimeter that creates the image of a real object.

This law is also a tool that I used to prove the existence of an Omni Presence, God, who can be proven by all these overwhelming evidences that we sense. He may not have created us or we have not even evolved from him, but for the mere fact that we exist, dolphins exist, plants exist and the universe exists, there are other things beyond humans comprehension that I believe exist.

How is this so?

Human ears can only hear sound ranging from 20 to 20,000 hz. Below and above these ranges, our ears become useless. On the other hand, dolphins can hear sounds that we can’t hear. This does not mean that because we can not hear them, sound does not exist.

If dolphins can hear them, then we must believe that they really exist even if we don’t hear them.

This is the same thing with our other senses. Our eyes can only perceived certain range of frequency called the visible light. But other animals can see beyond the color red (infrared) and the color violet (ultraviolet). This again shows that they have a different world totally different from our world. These worlds could be upside down, multiworlds, or a world that we have never imagine the possibilty of its existance. Because humans have two eyes, we see this kind of world normal to humans. Spiders have eight eyes that he sees multiworlds. Bees and dragonflies have more that we can even imagine what kind of worlds do they have. So all these creatures have worlds totally different from us, but because we do not see their worlds, this doe not mean that their worlds do not exist.

It is the same with this GOD, if we live in a world we called universe, there is a great chance that He lives in a different world too.

As how I figure it out, evolution and creation is not by GOD. God may exist without creation or evolution. But because we humans exist, we always think that it is only through a GOD that things can be created. Whether creation or evolution come and go; God will still exist. Whether man reaches its last day in the universe God will still exist.

And this God could not be the biblical god of the bible. Because based on logic and reasons, this God is totally has a sense of balance. He does not need anything for He is perfect. If He wanted to be worshiped then it is simply telling us that He has a need. This again contradicts the notion that He is powerful and almighty.

VI. The Theory of Viegenesis:

Let me share to you, in a nutshell, how creation evolves in viegenesis views.

The primordial origin started by the dualpairing of something (physicals) and nothing (abstracts). This physical(mass) is inside an abstract (space) and this space is inside the mass. (note that space here does not mean the outerspace, time and outerspace are not present here yet). I called this particle as wylzan. The size of this particle is like the size of the period at the end of this sentence.

Due to the Law of environs, this two in one, reacted and counteracted. This is like a cotton ball side by side with a blob of water. At a certain point in time, the water will react with the cotton and the cotton will react with the water. Or to reverse the scenario, if cotton is soaked with water, in a given period of time, the water will separate from the cotton, figuratively speaking.

At the very precise moment, the water “wiggled” towards the cotton and vice versa simultaneously, a HOLE was born. This empty space was the effect of the cause of wiggling that created motion.

And since motion was born, three more parameters followed next: Time-space, force-energy and mass-wave. Remember this is the very primordial beginning of creation, where each one of them is confined only in a primeval universe called “the size of the period at the end of this sentence”.

To clearly understand this, tet me use a simple analogy by using a ceiling to floor boxing speed ball as the particle wavmon. This ball is made up of mass and space existing as one object.

This ball is totally dormant, motionless, suspended for a very long time. The only environment of its mass is its space and the only environment its space is its mass. After eons of its existence, by law of environs, the two in one reacted and counteracted.

With minimally restricted movement (a wiggle), motion was born. The ball learned motion and became an inborn attribute. Inborn here means existing from birth but not inherited. Maybe the best word if I may introduce a new word….is INLEARN (learned during birth).

As the boxing ball wiggled for the first time, let us say to the right, a hole of empty space and additional space where the ball is now was stretched. Since this ball is confined only in a tight space, there is no other option for the ball to go anywhere but to go back by moving to the left where the hole of empty space is waiting to be occupied again. And the whole process takes place over and over again for a long period of time like a vibrating string creating force-energies (energy) and wave-masses(matter).

BUt if you take apart the matter that holds the energy, everything will be all the same; if you take apart the energy that energizes matter, everything will all be the same. (The Clara Hypothesis)

And for this reason, I believe that the existence of the macros and micros worlds started from the dualpairing of something(physicals) and nothing(abstracts). I did not use the term duality in my work because of how it classifies two things of a kind as opposing rather than complimenting or balance. Dualpairing is actually two of something and two of nothing. One pairs exist in the physical world, and its alterpairs belong to the abstract world.

VIII. The Creation Process:

Perhaps the best way to define creation is to understand the process how human beings create or build artificial machines or tools. Let us examine one concrete example that might provide insights into the process of creating/constructing a material object.

A four-wheeled, wooden wagon is a good project to start with. Before this physical wagon is created, we begin to imagine a picture of this wagon in our mind. It might be rectangular in shape, its box is made of wood with two wheels attached on each longer side, the entire machine is painted red and the pull chord is then tied in front of the crate. An abstract of a wagon is created in the mind.Once we have a sharp and a clear image, the next step is to bring this idea of a wagon to reality – in a solid physical form.

We accomplish this transformation in three major steps:

First, we draw a blueprint of the wagon with detailed dimensions and specifications; then, we gather all the construction materials and tools needed; and finally, we assemble all the pieces to build this physical wagon. These main instructions – creating the ideas, drawing the plans, gathering the materials and assembling the project – are needed to create this simple machine.

So based on this scenario, Creation must be made up of an idea (abstracts) and materials (physicals). The idea of having a physical wagon will not become a physical reality without the help of the physical world. There must be two of something in order to exist in a physical world. An image of a physical wagon will not just pop up or come into being in front of you without the compliment of the physicals. A craving of eating a delicious apple in your mind, will not take effect in the palm of your hand unless you get it from the grocery store. An image begets an image and physical begets physical. I called this the ZiZo effect. Abstracts and physicals must work together in order for them to exist.

Dualpairing is the first law of creation. There must be two of something in order to exist and evolve. When wavmon wiggled, the first instruction of creation was born.

Is creation  a process of bringing into existence of that which is created, that which is produced or caused to exist?

Creation is a process of bringing into existence of that which already exist. If the god of the bible is believed to exist without someone/something creating him, then it is also a big possibility that the particle wylzan existed without a creator. In the first place, it is obvious and 100% true that everything we physically sense everyday exist because something has already existed before.

But the problem with the god in the bible, which is conceived to have no form or image or simply an abstract, is that S/He could not have the power to create the physical universe because of the Law of Codexation.

But the god in the bible(abstract) is so smart that S/He created Jesus the Christ(physical). Nice move GOD!

But here is another problem. Jesus the Christ has no power to create gigantic suns, moons and the cosmos as a whole.



  1. I was curious if you ever thought of changing the structure of your blog?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to
    say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having
    1 or 2 images. Maybe you could space it out better?

    1. Thanks for your suggestions … 😉

  2. Thanks for finally writing about >Evidence of a Creator | lawsinium <Loved it!

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