Lawsinium Paradox

  • Riddle of Creation: We are created by something and nothing.
  • Riddle of Evolution: In order to evolve, there must be dualpairs.
  • Riddle of Existence: We do not exist at all.
  • Riddle of Accuracy: Men’s creation are all erroneous.
  • Riddle of Colors: Everything is black.
  • Riddle of Matter: Objects are made up of waves.
  • Riddle of Energy: Energy switches matter to come to life.
  • Riddle of Light: White light is made up of billions of  colors.
  • Riddle of Birth: Birth is a dying process while Death is a living process.
  • Riddle of Creation: Creation doesn’t need a Creator to create.
  • Riddle of Sight: Everything is upside down.
  • Riddle of Freewill: Freewill is nothing but an Illusion.
  • Riddle of the Present moment: All things we see are already from the past.
  • Riddle of Intelligence: Consciousness gives way for objects to exist.

 Riddle of Creation: We are created by something and nothing.

Science argues that everything was created from nothing. However, nothing here means that the smallest atomic particle is made up of 99% space and 1% percent of matter, hence everything is made up more of empty space than matter. Whatever the case maybe, science tells us that everything is made up of matter (something) and energy(nothing). A parallel independent scientific work done by the author provides us another proof that everything is actually made up of nothing and something. Nothing here means the Abstracts and something here means the Physicals. This concept is based on the theory behind the Codexation Dilemma and Viegenesis.

Riddle of Accuracy: Men’s creation are all erroneous.

Humans based their knowledge from the culture where they belong. It is not always true that all countries in the world have the same alphabetical system, numerical system, time system and religious beliefs to name a few. Most cultures have 24 letters in their alphabet, others have 13 letters and the rest in between. This just shows that the more letters a country has, the more number of words can be produced and vis-a-vis. The same thing with numbers, the base ten system would provide different results from a base 2 system or a base 3 system. Again, this shows that if a single numerical digit is taken out, a different set of numbers will be produced. Likewise, religious system is also the same. Persons who were born in a certain geographical location would mostly have a different religious beliefs totally different from adjacent countries. India has completely different religious dogma compared to other countries beside it. So this simply shows that even there is an accepted world standard system, it is still erroneous because there are standards that can also be considered as standard.

Einstein was widely believed that he used superior intellect and complex mathematical reasoning to finally arrive at E = mc². And even today, some scientists are so amazed by this formula E = mc². But the formula has loopholes. In the first place, it is not 100 percent applicable specifically when the atmospheric parameters are totally different. A theory or principle to become a law must be consistent no matter what the situation is, it is applicable to everything and there are no exceptions. The law of gravity is a good example. It applies to everything known to men and it exists no matter what the environment is.

However, there are things that may not be accurate or should I say a little short from the true value, but they could be precise. (in science, accuracy is different from precision).

The concept of determining the age of a star or a planet is similar to this. We simply look at certain physical properties to provide some sort of not-so-precise accuracy.

If a baby, a teenager and a grandmother are presented in front of you, most probably you can guess the age of each person. You do not need to be a scientist to guess their respective ages, right?

When a star or planet is born, it goes to different stages like a seed growing to become a plant.

These stages give us an estimate how old a certain planet is. Obviously, it is not really that accurate, but it is not completely wrong too. How is this?

Just like in our example, we know that a person is a baby because there are common features that come to being a small child. We may say that a baby is probably 9 to 12 months old when you hear him say “papa”. If this word is now turned into one or two broken sentences, we can say that the baby most probably is 18 to 24 months old already. And if this person started to drive a car, he would probably be 16 to 21 years old. And when he is walking with his third foot, then I assure you that he is probably on his 60’s up.

Although we have different age ranges (18 to 24, 9 to 12, 16 to 21) these age ranges are good enough to determine the age of person.

It is not accurate, but it is precise enough to give as an idea how old a particular person is. This is how we also determine the age of a star.

But accuracy or precision are all simply guesswork.

Everthing you learn really depends on which standard or basis you are using. But we need to have this concept of association in order to understand things at the least. Your age, birthday, your name and even other things are simply all acceptable guesses.

Your age will be different when we use other numerical system of bases compared to the base-10 system. So if someone will tell you that you are 1110 years old, obviously it is not accurate. Nobody lives at this age. But in reality this is correct; this is equivalent to 14 yrs old if we use the concept of base-10. If you are celebrating your 14 birthday yesterday in china, when you come to America the following day, your age is still 13 years old. So your age is not really accurate. It depends on the time zone you are in.

Your birthday is not accurate too. It depends into which calendars you plan to use. Your birthday was probably based using the Gregorian calendar. But when you use the julian calendar where 1 A.D. is the second year, or the bahai calendar with 19 months in a year or the Chinese calendar where an extra month is added to the second or third year; then probably you will be guessing a lot just to find your real birth date.

Even your name will not be your name if your alphabetical system is not made up of 26 letters. So again it is only accurate to some point. It depends totally on the language you are using. If you are in arab, they use 28 letters, if you are in china your name will be represented by symbols, if you are in Hawaii they only use 12 letters and there is this community in a mountainous country I think somewhere in Europe that uses hand signals to call their children’s names.

Does accuracy really matters? When you talk to your mom or to your friends in front of a dog, the exchange of communication is nothing – but simply “barking” in the eyes of the dog. It is the same thing as we see them “talking” with their own specie.

Riddle of Colors: Everything is black.

This might be mind-boggling. But this is the reality of colors. We see a colorful world because there is Light. Light is made up of a rainbow of colors – a never ending sets of colors. The reflection of this light creates the sensation of colors. If light is not present, then everything is considered black. You can prove this by shining different colors of light on a red apple. A blue light produces a blue apple, an orange light a orange apple and so on and so forth. This theory about blackness is also supported by the lawsinium train paradigm and viegenesis.

Riddle of Existence: We do not exist at all.

This is based on the Lawsinium Train Paradigm. The model demonstrates that our existence is simply based on our consciousness or awareness. This can be proven by being inside a 100-cars long railroad train. This train will enter a dark tunnel ten times the length of the entire train. As the last car of the train moves towards the gate of the tunnel, at an instant, there is total darkness. At this very moment, you begin to focus your eyes to anything, but you can not see anything if anything still exist. You only see darkness. Total darkness. And sometimes you become confused. You asked yourself: “Am I trying to see everything or am I trying to think of everything”. The concept of seeing stops and the concept of thinking becomes clear. You started to check with your mind if you still have your legs, your hands, and your body, but because everything is black you really do not know. And as time passes by, as you see the light at the other end of the tunnel, you see everything again. You now see your hands, your legs and your body but you begin to think and contemplate. Our brain can really play tricks on us. The thought of existence can simply be created by the brain. Nothing really exists. Everything is just a pigment of ones imagination. Light and intelligence give way to objects or materials to exist. Light and consciousness also give way for god to exist. It is consciousness that creates god and NOT the other way around.

The Intelligence Konstant or The Think Factor

Based on the study of Originemology, there are only two ways living things acquire information. First, they can acquire information from the environment by choice; or, second, information is acquired through discovery or by chance.

Information by Choice means information is learned either from teachers, from parents, from books, lessons from animals or from nature; while, Information by Chance means acquiring information through discovering new things, fortunate accidents, unexpected experiences or unknown events. Whatever the case may be, the acquisitions of information by living and non-living things are all definitely provided by the environment. A fact 100% true.

Because of this theory, it follows that information is provided to us by our environment … by nature itself. From this assertion, I discovered that we are actually created by Natural Laws provided to us by our surrounding. The instruction we acquire from our surroundings create us. Of course, this is another mind-boggling paradox.

In the cellular level, your mom’s egg cell and your father’s sperm cell “learn” by reacting to their environment. This is probably how cells acquire their “intelligence” so to speak. And when this learning happens the second time to them, it becomes an instinct. This means, what is happening to us or to the kitten can also be happening to all smallest creatures on earth.”  “This simple scenario happens to all natural things – living and non-living things. You program your own self. Genes program their own selves. Everything natural programs itself. To learn more about this theory, the complete scientific discussion can be found in the book Evolution of Creation.

Now if every information know to man has its root of origin then the famous formula E = mc² formulated by Einstein has its own origin too. In my book, Creation by Laws, I presented the famous equation: E = mc², which I believe was definitely derived from Isaac Newton F= m x a and Giovanni Coriolis’ W = F x d, and analyzing both scientists’ equations by dimension and units of measurements, I have.

In my book, Creation by Laws, I presented the famous equation: E = mc², which I believe was probably derived from Isaac Newton F= m x a and Giovanni Coriolis’ W = F x d, and analyzing both scientists’ equations by dimension and units of measurements, I have.

W = F x D >>Eq1 – Coriolis equation
F = (M x A) >>Eq2 – Newton’s equation
W = (M x A) x D >>replace F from eq1 with eq2
W = (kg x m/s²) x m >>substitute dimensions w/units
W = (kg x m x m) / s² >>apply laws of exponents
W = ( kg x m² ) / s² >>( X)^A x (X)^B = (X)^A+B
W = kg x (m²/s²) >>combining
W = kg x (m/s)² >>simplifying
W = M x V². >>subsitute Kg for M, m/s for V
W = m x c². >>c = velocity of light, m=mass
E = m x c² >>since Work(W) = Energy(E)

* Note:  Partial discussions of the remaining riddles can be found somewhere here on my website.  However, the complete mathematical and scientific discussions of these riddles can be found in the books Evolution of Creation, Creation by Laws, and Originemology by Joey Lawsin.

We get our intelligence from how we react with our environment. Intelligence is our ability to understand what we sense from the surroundings. It is primarily achieved by how we dualpair with the outside world. It is acquired in two and only two ways: (1) we learn things from the environment; or (2) we learn them by discovery. We gain all this knowledge or ideas from teachers, from parents, from books, from our senses, and lessons from animals. Ideas are also learned by discovering new things or through accidental experiences.

This intellectual acquisition of information is called The Intelligence Konstant or mnemonically named the THINK factor. The single information or informatics cue is called Namons or the Q-particle. When bits of information are arranged in a queue they become instructions. These acquired instructions eventually are processed to become intelligence.

But how does instruction evolve into intelligence?

A kitten that is drowning, quickly gets out of the water because of the sudden rush of pain as it engulfs a large amount of water through its mouth and nose. It is the immediate pain of suffocation that pushes the cat to paddle out of water and not bluntly because of the misconception of saving its dear life as people always believe.

Kittens do not have even the slightest idea about the meaning of life or in this matter even death just like all babies do. Getting out the water is a lifetime instruction that was learned and will never be forgotten by the kitten. Saving his own life was not engraved in his genes. It was not genetically inherited. It was spontaneously experienced. It became knowledge. If this frightening incident will happen the second time, the cat will instinctively be instructed by the call of necessity to immediately save itself out from drowning. Getting out of the water becomes second nature – an instinctive instruction and eventually becomes a part of its expanding intelligence.

This simple scenario happens to all natural things – living and non-living things. You program your own self. Genes program their own selves. Everything natural programs itself.

Remember again that we learn from how we react with our environment.

In the cellular level, your mom’s egg cell and your father’s sperm cell “learn” by reacting to their environment too. Since this is a very different environment compared to humans environment, then the information these memory cells acquire is probably totally different in a sense. And when this learning happens the second time to them, the information becomes instinct.

What is happening to us or to the kitten can also be happening to all smalllest creatures on earth. Take note too that pain or love is a trigger mechanism (an input) that quickly flows into the brain to be stored “pemanently” (pain switches the brain). That is why most of the time we do not forget pain or love in life because of this natural phenomena. This is like experiencing the pain when touching a flame for the first time. The next time you see a flame, there is no way that you will burn yourself again. It becomes an instinct that you always avoid it.

But do you know, that during birth, we do not have any intelligence at all.

How is this so? Let us say you were born today. And right away, they put you in a room without windows, where you will be alone, by your self, without any communication or whatsoever from the outside world from now on. You will live in this room, where sunlight can only pass thru a small slit, and you will stay here for the rest of your life. You will not be allowed to see anyone or anything. Your food will be delivered to you in a small window while all lights will be turned off from the outside.

From this simple experimental scenario, the only information that your mind will have from birth to maturity will be you, the sunlight, the six walls and your food. Nothing less nothing more. Since your mind is empty with information, then you do not know anything. You do not know what is the function of your nose, your ears and whatever you have in your body! So your brain during birth, where intelligence resides, is therefore empty.

so, why then a newly born baby cries when he gets out of the womb the very first time?

This is not instinct! Take note that his environment inside the womb is different from the outside.  Like the kitten, the baby has experienced something unfamiliar from the outside of the womb. It could be pain, the tempearture of the air, pressure, I do not know. I could even speculate that he was afraid with his new environment too.  Maybe air was rushing to his lungs, like in the experience of choking, that he started to cry. But whatever the reasons are, one thing is for sure, his reaction is not inborn or instinct.

Let us look at a different perspective: how does a newly born baby or a kitten save their own lives in the swimming pool?

Take note that the kitten and the baby are two different variables. Somehow each one will react differently to the environment. But for the sake of quality and wise argument, let us conduct again a “thought experiment”.

We will place both variables on the same even grounds. We will pull the baby cat and the baby boy out of their mother’s womb at the same time and simultaneously throw both of them right away into the pool . (Please DO NOT DO THIS at home).

Once  both hit the water, they would probably experience pain. Both will start to paddle to get out from the dangerous environment. But the baby boy will sink and die, while  the cat will still paddle until he saves his life to safety.

How is this so? Look at the body structure of the kitten and the baby boy. Look at how the four legs of a kitten are strategically designed compared to the baby. The body of the baby boy is designed vertically while the body of the kitten is designed horizontally. The center of mass of the kitten is different from the center of mass of the baby boy.

Intelligence can also be shown by how someone opens a door.

If someone will ask you to open a door, which one will you do? If I want to open the door, I will either push it or pull it. To a kid, he might try his sword, a bomb, a mallet, his magic powers, his laser beams, his telekinesis and probably his invisible friend. To others they will just use a key. So with these three personalities, who among them is the most intelligent?

1. To a regular mind, this question can be answered automatically. (common intelligence)
2. To an active mind, this question can be answered in many ways”. ( inquisitive intelligence)
3. To an intelligent mind, this question becomes a challenge for proof. (the visionary)

Intelligence is correlated to consciousness or awareness.

Consciousness as defined by the philosopher John Locke is the “perception of what passes in a man’s own mind”. Nowadays it is called awareness or alertness. It is the ability of knowing “my-self, me-self and I-self” and the ability of knowing my outside me – my surroundings. It is also one of my indicators that supports why god does not exist. It even provides me the proof why souls are simply the product of a hallucinating or confused mind.

But who is in control of my thoughts? Is it me, I or myself? Or it is man, my environment or my surroundings? Is it freewill?

In the universe, everything belongs to a family. A family is made up of a dualpair and a collection of related individuals within the spectrum or group. Like in the electromagnetic spectrum, it is made up of the dualpairing of high and low frequencies. Its members include long waves, radio waves, visible lights (Roy G. Biv), x-rays, gamma rays and short waves.

Consciousness, as well, belongs to the family called Awareness. This family is made up of four distinguishable members: the unconscious (“dead” mode), the subconscious (sleep mode), the conscious (wake-up mode) and the superconscious (rational mode).

Throughout its lifetime, the physical body houses the mind and the altermind. The mind is where the conscious level of awareness sits while the altermind is where the subconscious level of awareness resides. The mind or conscious body interacts directly or indirectly through a labyrinth of sensory systems. These 6 major sensors pick up energies of information from its environment. The mind recognizes these energies as signals, interprets and decodes this information, and stores and encodes them when needed. The altermind, or subconscious body, simultaneously functions secretly in the background as well. It also interacts with the environment, storing as much information, directly or indirectly, as it can register. The altermind is the seat of power that overtakes the conscious mind when in sleep-mode.

In wake-up mode, the mind and the altermind are always in-sync. However, the mind is more dominant or in higher frequency in this mode because all the biological sensors are active or switched on. When the conscious mind is in sleep-mode, or at rest, its frequency is also at rest or lowered. A frequency shifting is transpiring. The altermind takes over and functions with less help from the biological sensors. Most of these sensors are in the stand by mode with the exception of the largest sensor in the physical body – the skin. This organ picks up even the slightest signal of information when all other sensors are shut off. Day to day events perceived by chance by the conscious mind are retained and processed by the altermind through the skin in the form of dreams or flashback. Even out-of-body experience is also speculated to take place during this frequency shifting.

Consciousness is also the basis why matter exists. It is energy that gives existence to matter. Matter depends on energy and energy itself defends on matter. They might be two different parameters but both are inseparable. The Lawsinium Train defies the intuition of our existence. It is an event that provides us proof that everything that we see or sense are simply illusions created by the brain. Even our physical self and the entire universe are nothing but tricks created by the mind. In other words, everything that exists in the universe if a universe even exists does not physically exist at all. The only physical entity that exists could only be the brain.

“Everything that exists in the universe if a universe even exists does not physically exist at all”  ~  Joey Lawsin


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