About the Author

J.B. Wylzan is a “scientist” and an engineer working on the search for the origin of life based on Information Materialization called Creation by Law. He is interested in the origins of everything and everyone, be it about Creation, Humanity, Civilization, God, Religion, Reality, Consciousness, and Information. Part of his research aims at determining the codexational jump between abstracts and physicals. Much of his work lies at the crossroads between the nature of the mind and the mind of nature.

He has a BS in Aeronautical Engineering, an MBA, and authored a book in Physics. As part of his life-long dream to become an astronaut, he learned how to fly a small plane and worked at NASA as a volunteer docent.  Using all the vast information he discovered from his research, he is now currently exploring new ways to transform an autonomous robot into a self-conscious being sometimes called the silver species.

Research: The following theories that he is working on:

  • Abiozoics – is the study of the interrelationship between non-life to life, from non-living things to living things, from abstracts to physicals, from nothing to something. It also deals with biotronics known as silver species.
  • Viegenesis – or the origin of life by dual pairing, is a discipline that studies the process of creation by instinctive instructions and dualpairings. The word comes from the Latin “genesis” which means “origin” ( creation, birth),  “vie” which means “capable of life by way of two of a kind, coupled in use.”
  • Energyportation – is the study that deals with the laws of energy, the ZiZo effect, the “beam me up” concept and biophysies life cycle. Biophysies are all natural things with life which includes both living and non-living things.
  • Dimetrix – which means dimensional metrics abbreviated as Dx , is a specialized study of multiple space dimensions and its measurements using isodimensional morphical spatial figures.

Who am I? The first thing that comes to my mind is that I have a passion for intellectual pursuits – whether it is a figment of my imagination, strange phenomena far beyond the natural, or a product of my mental activity. However, I don’t walk around with my head in the clouds, or keep my head buried in books. I might have relatively limited numbers of real friends, but I tend to be outgoing, athletic, romantic, and spiritual(value formation). And whatever I pursue in life, I always strive for excellence.

I speak a lot of language. Programming is one. Some of these include BASIC compiling; Assembly Language; Dbase designing; Java scripting; HTML Coding; and MIRC scripting. The other half includes Formula derivation, dimensional analysis, electronic circuitry, medical terminology, and. I think I’ll stop here. I believe you’re getting the picture!

My box of nuts and bolts.  My knowledge in electricity, electronics, computers, mechanical systems, automation technology, hydraulics, pneumatics, radio transmission and programmable logic controllers, makes me a “Joey ”. In my heart, though, I’m a someone who breaks conventional wisdom by doing things outside the box of knowledge mankind has already known. I co-authored a textbook in physics. I’ve taught a number of subjects including physics, biology, chemistry, algebra, geometry, statistics, and computers.

Points of Interest: Besides my textbook, I’ve written a lot on a range of subjects. These, however, remain stored on my hard drive or arranged in hard copy versions on my bookshelf. You might not think someone who loves physics would be also fascinated by topics such as the paranormal, out-of-body experiences, or time travel, but I am. I’m curious about all these things, and spend a lot of time writing down my thoughts on them. My Unpublished Writings are Grand Particles Theory, Isodimensional Morphical Figures, Viacronuum (Time Travel), Isometaspace Universe, Homotronics, Particle Duality, Fingerprints of Life and How to learn and play piano in one day.

In my bedroom, you would find a library, golf balls, model airplane collections; a wall covered with license plates from all 50 states; sports gear for jet skiing, karate, trekking, camping, fishing and ball games. Of course, there’s my computer, which I’ve assembled and programmed to control my TV, DVD, audio components, mini-fridge and lights. Other important odds and ends include my 5ch-RC Helicopter, 35mm SLR camera, a 90mm reflector telescope, and my 61-key electronic keyboard.

Finally, let me give you a snapshot of my Philosophy of life. It rests on these principles:

* SIMPLIFY your life
Always go back to the basics.

* RESPECT others
It’s what builds a person’s character.

* CREATE a world of smiles
The earth desperately needs more of them.

* LEND a free hand to others
Give of yourself and smile.



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    Hey Joe… Sophia from the S&R at O. Glad to find you on the web. 🙂

  2. Nice to hear from you Sophia.

    Thanks. I did create a new account in facebook.

    Please check it out.


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