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Phrenological Argument

The Phrenological Argument, also known as God’s Parapraxis, is a new intriguing philosophical argument that showcases God’s Mental State of Inadequacy in his creation of the Human Mind. It argues that if God has a perfect mind flawlessly capable of knowing things in advance, then he should have anticipated ahead of time the repercussion of […]

Cosmogenical Argument

The Cosmogenical Argument, also referred to as the Genesis Fallacy, is an argument which attempts to disprove primarily God’s Seven Days of Creation. It argues that the divine creation of the universe was not in accordance or consistent with the principles of science and mathematics. The process of creation was not in logical order,not in […]

Does God exist?

Does God exist? According to the Originemological Argument, God does not exist. The conclusion is based on three basic lawsinic principles: the Inlearning Konstant, the Codexation Dilemma, and the First Law of Originemology [Lawsin 1988]. The first principle states that information can only be acquired by man in two and only two ways: by choice […]

Lawsinium Paradox

Riddle of Creation: We are created by something and nothing. Riddle of Evolution: In order to evolve, there must be dualpairs. Riddle of Existence: We do not exist at all. Riddle of Accuracy: Men’s creation are all erroneous. Riddle of Colors: Everything is black. Riddle of Matter: Objects are made up of waves. Riddle of […]

Bible proves God doesn’t exist

Is there God? The bible and the church are the only two main influential evidence that claim there is a GOD. The bible is the only source that provides reference that God exists.  However aside from the holy book, there are no other concrete external proof that God exists. In fact, the bible itself provides evidence […]

Paraduoxical Quotations

~ “We live in an abstract world that created our physical universe.” ~ “The Building Blocks of Life are made up of invisible shapes and empty spaces.”  ~ “Nature is the Mother of Information.” ~ “Emptiness creates shape; Shape creates space .” ~ “Nothing could exist without Everything.” ~ “The Duality of One is the Unity of two” ~ […]

In the beginning, Man created God.

Judaism believes that …. ….. Jesus is NOT the Son of God. Islamism believes that …. ….. Jesus is NOT the Son of God….. But, Christianism believes that …. ….. Jesus IS the Son of God. The three major religions and other religious groups for this matter believe in a God. But, it is quite strange to […]