Judaism believes that …. ….. Jesus is NOT the Son of God. Islamism believes that …. ….. Jesus is NOT the Son of God….. But, Christianism believes that …. ….. Jesus IS the Son of God. The three major religions and other religious groups for this matter believe in a God. But, it is quite strange to […]

The bible is always depicted as the holy book. However, there are two sides of reality behind its story. It tells us the good side of God and Jesus; and it also tells us the wild side of God and Jesus. However, since glorious praises of these two main biblical characters can be found everywhere, I will […]

The following arguments were raised to me during an interview by an avid believer of god. (Q)uestion : … If we find design in the universe …we naturally expect a designer … (A)nswer :  …. This is an error in thinking. It is not always true that if we find design in the universe…we naturally expect a […]

God did not create creation; Creation created God. In my first book entitled Creation by Laws, I implicitly proposed a fundamental concept of an unknown theory known as Dualpairing. It is the first general instruction of creation that matches up two entities called dualpair. Man and woman, white and black, A and Z, North and […]

Are there other ways we can organize humanity; where life can be pleasurably enjoyed to its fullest, where every needs of every individual can be easily acquired for free, and where the basic necessities of life food, water, health, happiness can be sustainably maintained, safely secured, and constantly provided? We humans borrowed and copied our […]

Scientists argue that religion is not science but some sort of pseudoscience primarily because it worships imaginary gods and believes in imaginary creatures like dragons and unicorns. Religion only primary evidence that supports its ideology is the Bible. However, scientists have forgotten that most of their theories also are made up of imaginary forces and chimerical elements […]

In 1975, I had the privileged to watch twice these white circular objects trending among the stars in the night sky. Curiosity led me to explore these unidentified objects with a mind overwhelmed with so many questions such as: Are these objects of alien origin, or they are space crafts or probes made by man? […]